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Vitality (Pilot) Vitality (Pilot)

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Bravo and congrats! I really dig the world you built here and the characters too. Great how much attention to detail there is here. Everything felt super cohesive and I hope you make more. Very good work.

Birthday 20 Birthday 20

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I need to talk to you.

For the last few days I've been going on about shit like "I'm going to be 22. What in the world am I doing with myself? to my friends. This isn't new with me, I've been saying that for years. The thing is, I was talking about that shit ALLL day the other day. At the time I was looking for a book to read, GUESS WHAT FUCKING BOOK I BORROWED.

Those lyrics were tripping me the fuck out, I swear I thought I was just mishearing some of those things.

LazyMuffin responds:

hah, thanks!

Then I Run Then I Run

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

It all really depends.

Alright, so I started watching this, but closed it a little after the first loop ended. After closing it I was extremely curious as to what everyone had to say about this. I was sure I'd get the handful of assholes whod say "this didnt make sense to me, 0" and "emooooooooo!". (and i did). and there were the intelligent people who had their long helpful and honest reviews. i made sure i read through every review that gave u a low score, to make sure i wudnt repeat what someone was already saying. afterward, i decided id watch the whole thing this time around. now after watching the whole thing, what have i to say? like many others said, you have potential. your style might be a bit generic, but then again what isnt these days? your animating skills are decent, actually theyre better than average so thats a plus. as far as storytelling goes, i cant really critique u on that. this is because there either was no story, or it was very poorly told. people might say "the best type of art is the kind you cant fathom or understand". but this isnt true in most cases, because the point of it all is to express yourself. creatively bringing people to your level, whether it be above or below them. all those people who say they understand it probably dont. theyre interpreting it as they like. which is why u see their ideas of what it was about really differs. this is alright if ur piece was interpretive art. but u say "story by.." in the credits, but maybe thats just semantics and u really meant like, over all the ideas you wrote down to animate, which doesnt necessarily have to be a story. so as the title says, it all really depends. if you were trying to tell a story, it didnt work very well, but i doubt thats what your were trying to do. if you were trying to make a statement through surrealism, it didnt work out very well either. one of the reviewers put it very well with an analogy about puzzle pieces. HOWEVER, if you were putting something together with nothing more than what you saw, and were just trying to make it trippy, u succeeded. it wasnt the trippiest of things considering how many films there are where someone sees the scrambled face version of themselves, or how times someone has fell into an endless loop of their mouth, or how many times someone has had tea with their stuffed animals that eventually turn demonic. as odd as these things sound at first, u gotta come to realize that these things appear in films all the time. it isnt always a bad thing to have cliches in ur work, but at least put ur own spin on them you know what i mean? (and dont worry urself over this too much, ull eventually get over the cliches, ur just getting them out of ur system right now. trust me, ive gone through that and so has every other great artist). the only reason i bothered bringing any of this up was because of ur authors comments. you say "Rather than typing a long commentary I'd rather let this film speak for itself.". i dont really want u to type that long commentary out, but im curious as to what it wud say. because as far as the film speaking for itself goes, the film has said nothing more than "here are some depressing grotesque images in a generic style, david firth and tim burton fans unite.". i feel i might be a bit harsh, but for someone who shows technical potential, u deserve the critique and honest opinions to help you grow as an artist.

hmm, i think i know u somehow, ur alias is oddly familiar.

PM me if u wanna talk, ill give u my AIM sn or something.

with much luck and hope,

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Time Fcuk Time Fcuk

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Extremely fresh.

Also dig the harmonica Fargo-ish music.

Scribble! Scribble!

Rated 4 / 5 stars


wacom tablet for the win.

nevermore-1 nevermore-1

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

listen to me

when u make the next one, dont change ne of the things. simple move left and right and jumping is perfect. the artwork is excellent. i really felt like i was going through this city. the game is brilliant. when u make the next one, it shud take 3 hours to complete. (thats just running through the entire world) maybe a LITTLE bit of obstacles wud b nice. but dont overdo it. this game is nice in its own way, its more of an expirience and adventure than it is a challenge. I love the way u made it o so easy that it was incredibly fun (and thats coming from someone who loves challenges) Make sure u stick this little guy in the same world hes in. Its a beautiful world.

ONE MORE THING. i saw one person recomend background music.


if theres any background music it shud b faintly playing from a little radio or sumthin.

Ambient sounds in the game is nice. Like wind SLIIGHHHTTLLY blowing and birds every other minute. The silence is golden, so when u reach a part (the train station in example) it seems o so much powerful.

I noticed u made the world very grand, very big (i myself am fascinated with that kind of world, always have) That shit is great man.

Keep up the FANTASTIC work.

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-=You Know It=- (not finished) -=You Know It=- (not finished)

Rated 5 / 5 stars

i agree with the last guy, finish this one up.

i really dig ur tracks, man. threw one into a video i made, i put a link to ur page in the description too.

keep it up, dont let it down.